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Authentic Italian Gelato

Named Best Gelato in St. Louis, Riverfront Times, 2010

Gelato Di Riso brings the luxurious texture and sensational flavors of authentic Italian Gelato to St. Louis.  Everything about our products and services is an expression of the passion we have for authentic, Italian-style luxury: our artisan approach to ingredient selection, our retail store's modern accents and colors, our flavors, and most of all, rich bursts of culinary delight in every bite.

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Rich in natural flavors, our Italian gelato is made fresh every day. It contains less air than American ice cream, making it more velvety in texture and rich in flavor. Dolce Gelatos are made fresh with natural flavors and milk, instead of high-fat cream, for guiltless indulgence. Frutta Gelatos are made with real fruit ingredients and authentic flavors to satisfy cravings for luscious fruit.

Gelato and More!

Gelato di Riso offers more than just wonderful gelato. Our full coffee bar boasts world-class coffee, teas, espresso drinks, lattes, smoothies and just about any coffee beverage you can imagine.

We also offer other delicious sweet treats for your pleasure, scones, cinnamon rolls, cookies, brownies, lemon bars, tiramisu. Indulge yourself with a Citrus Dream - lemon gelato on a lemon bar, or a Brownie a La Mode, with your choice of gelato on a brownie!

Place an order for a Gelato Pie or a dozen baci balls (bite sized scoop of gelato drizzled in chocolate)and treat your friends and family to the wonderfully rich flavors of our gelato.




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